AmaZing Time For Kids

Xiaolingtoy focuses on the production of great content for kids, as well as the research and development of related products. Founded in 2016,Xiaolingtoy has produced thousands of short videos and published them on various video websites since then. Meanwhile, we constantly explored more interesting and high-quality content for kids, and paid great attention to develop their favorite spin-off products. Until now, our videos and products are widely spread across the country and they have become very popular with Chinese kids and their parents.
By July 2019

By July 2019

  • 81billion+

    Total Video View

  • 71million+

    Number of Followers

Development History:

 After careful research and analysis, Xiaolingtoy produces suitable programmes for children according to their ages and genders!
  • 2016~2017

  • 2018

  • 2019

  • 2020

  • December 2017

    Won the award for  “Video Influencer Of the Year 2017”  from
    Won the award for  "Best Popularity in 2017"  from iQIYI.COM
  • October 2017

    Opened the  official account  “Xiaolingtoy” on WeChat
  • March 2017

    Attended the Ceremony of Mommy & Baby hold by iQIYI.COM and won the award for  "Top Ten Best Content of the Year" 
  • March 2016

    Published  the first video  of Xiaolingtoy on
  • November 2018

     The WeChat Mall of Xiaolingtoy  was launched online.
  • September 2018

    The number of followers surpassed  20,000,000 .
  • April 2018

    Xiaolingtoy  Shopping Mall on Taobao  started business.
  • January 2018

    The number of followers surpassed  10,000,000 .
    The number of Total Video View exceeded  "10 Billion" !
    Attended the Tencent Night Ceremony of 2017 and  won the award of Best Short Video Tencent Account of The Year 
  • August 2019

     XIaoling English  was launched online.
  • July 2019

    Held the first fan meeting of Xiaolingtoy.
    Attended the China Toy Expo in Beijing.
  • March 2019

    Attended the Ceremony of Mommy & Baby hold by iQIYI and won the award for  "Most Popular&Funny Content of the Year" 
    The number of followers surpassed  30,000,000 .
    The number of Total Video View exceeded  "30 Billion" !
  • January 2019

    Xiaolingtoy Store on  TMall  started business.
  • July 2020

    With more than 50 million fans and more than 50 billion views
  • July 2020

    "Lingke Guardian Angels-1", the WeChat animated stickers, come into use!

We are Lingke Family!

A big family full of childlike innocence and wonderful dreams! 

About US

Xiaolingtoy sincerely invites companies with big ambitions and spirits of innovation to join hands. 
Let’s make a great contribution to the children’s culture Industry in China together!

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